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== Current Release ==
== Current Release ==
The current Dream-Elite Panel version is '''[https://www.dream-elite.net/DEP 7.1]'''.
The current Dream-Elite Panel version is '''[https://images.dream-elite.net/DEP 7.1]'''.

Revision as of 18:26, 17 January 2021

After a year of development and testing, we are proud to present the Dream-Elite Panel (DEP).
It was completely rewritten and is now independent and can be installed on all OE 2.5 / OE 2.6 based images with an Enigma 2 version ≥ 4.3.2r1.
We have realised that every plugin from us can be now installed separately over the internal Dream-Elite Extension Manager.
We have also added in our Dream-Elite Extension Manager the possibility to install other plugins which we have tested before to reduce crashes or complications.

For the installation of our DEP you have now two choices:

  1. Get an Image with DEP preinstalled for the following Dreambox Models: DM7080, DM52x, DM820, DM9x0, ONE and TWO.
    These images are based on the unstable feed from Dream Property and include DEP with following extensions: Dream-Elite Extension Manager, Remote Setup, DE-FHD Skin.
    Additional DEP extensions can be installed over the Dream-Elite Extension Manager.
  2. Manuall installation in an image of your choice which provides DEP with language and software feeds.

Have fun, Dream-Elite Team

Current Release

The current Dream-Elite Panel version is 7.1.