Dream-Elite Panel (DEP) Installation

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Dream-Elite Panel (DEP) 7.1

The Dream-Elite Panel can be installed in 2 ways:

  • Install a Dream-Elite Panel Image
  • extend the original Dream Property image with the Dream-Elite Panel


  • OE 2.5 image with E2 version ≥ 4.3.2r1 (*Preferably unstable in latest state).
  • OE 2.6 image with E2 version ≥ 4.4.1r1 (*Preferably unstable in latest state).
  • Dreambox connected with LAN or WLAN to the internet

Flash a Dream-Elite Panel Image:

The images (based on Dream Property) can be downloaded from here and flashed as described in: Image installation.
These images include the Dream-Elite Panel, Remote Setup, Elite EPG Importer and the Dream-Elite Extension Manager.
It is recommended to update the image after flashing.

Manuall installation:

Installation via Command Line Interface:

Connect your Dreambox using SSH or Telnet and execute the following commands:

OE 2.5 (dm52x, dm820, dm7080, dm9x0)

apt update && wget -O /tmp/dream-elite-panel-installer_all.deb http://feed.dream-elite.net/ElitePanel/dep-installer.php && dpkg -i /tmp/dream-elite-panel-installer_all.deb

OE 2.6 (dreamone, dreamtwo)

apt update && wget -O /tmp/dream-elite-panel-installer_all.deb http://feed.dream-elite.net/ElitePanel/dep-installer.php && apt install -y /tmp/dream-elite-panel-installer_all.deb

After installation reboot the Dreambox. Now you can install the DEP over the Plugin Browser of Dreambox OS.

Installation via Software Manager:

OE 2.5 and OE 2.6

  1. Download DEP Installer - dream-elite-panel-installer_all.deb.
  2. Copy DEP Installer via FTP to the directory /tmp.
  3. Install DEP Installer with, Menu → Settings → Software manager → Local Plugins → Internal Flash → Install Plugins → green Button.
  4. After installation restart Dreambox, Standby / Restart → GUI.