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An image is the packed vesion of the operating system of the dreambox, comparable with Windows or Linux for the PC. It may be installed, depending on the Dreambox model, either in the flash-memory of the box or on USB-Sticks/CF-cards/HDDs. The image may be given in different formats. On the one hand the official format (xxx.tar.xz) and on the other hand the backup format (xxx.tar.gz).

Origin of the image

There are different types of images. There are the official Images of Dream Property, the manufacturer of the Dreambox. Beside that there are many other Images, which are based on the official Images of Dream Property. Those images are produced by free developers.
The Dream-Elite Panel is not an image but a plugin which can be installed on top of an existing image. And for easier use we have created a DEP-ready Image so called → Dream-Elite Image